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Last update: 24/07/2011

SymBioSE 2011 crew
SymBioSE 2011 official poster

Welcome to SymBioSE 2011!

In 2011 SymBioSE will take place in Switzerland for the first time from July 27 to August 6, organised by biology students of the University of Basel.

During the 10 day meeting international graduate and undergraduate students will have the possibility to present their own research in talks and posters as well as in workshops. In addition, leading biologists of the University of Basel will give lectures about ongoing research. During a three day excursion, participating students will visit the ‘Alpine Research and Education Station Furka’ in the heart of the Alps to learn about leading ecological field research. Furthermore participants will have the opportunity to learn about different cultures in Europe, especially the Swiss culture.

The organizing team is looking forward to seeing you all in Basel next summer!


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SymBioSE is the "Symposium of Biology Students in Europe". Organised by and for students, it annually gathers around one hundred students from different countries. SymBioSE’s key aspects are:

  • Biology: discussing life science;
  • Network: connecting tomorrow’s biologists;
  • Culture: broadening horizons across borders.


Nowadays science demands a high degree of motivation, international orientation, learning skills, independent working, reconciliation of own interests with future occupation and economical thinking. The goal of SymBioSE is to support student matters in every aspect mentioned. By linking them together and allowing communication at the international level this student platform helps them to orient in the growing field of biological research and to deal with the increasing requirements for pursuing a career in the life science sector. The networking opportunity given by the symposium facilitates collaboration, which is important for a successful career. Talking with like-minded scientists offers new perspectives, and exchange at the international level enhances the experience even more.

SymBioSE brings a unique chance to biology students to make acquaintances with life science students from other institutes and universities within Europe. The exchange between motivated students and the local institutes offers new perspectives for diploma or doctoral positions, new research fields and collaborations.

Programme elements
  • Presentations: Students and researchers discuss their latest projects, findings, and news from life science;
  • Poster Sessions: Best practise to present projects, giving valuable discussion input;
  • Workshops: Learning by doing and small group discussions shape the scientific understanding;
  • Excursions: Discovering biological, cultural, and culinary specialties of Basel and Switzerland;
  • Country Presentations: A unique opportunity to learn about culture and tradition of the participating nations;
  • Social Programme: A good atmosphere supports friendship and scientific collaboration.


Since its foundation by the German biology student association in 1996, the SymBioSE meeting took place fourteen times in twelve different European countries. Switzerland is chosen to host its fifteenth anniversary in 2011.