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Being a student means also being permanently faced with minor and major problems of various kinds, decisions regarding the university of choice, special interests and ways of covering them, the critical question of "May I find a job afterwards?" and much more...Therefore gathering as much and as complete information as possible about any degree study is essential.

Here in Germany student representatives not only stand in for students' rights and express them against universitary institutions but also try to provide this kind of information to all the other students they represent.And in order to do so they must cooperate beyond the boundaries of their own universities, which is why in Germany there is a long tradition of nationwide meetings of biology student representatives for exchange of information.

But all these aspects don't belong to Germany alone. They might as well apply to any other country, and regarding the on-going fusion of the European nations the need to build up a similar forum for infomational exchange on an international scale gets actually more and more important.

SymBioSE now is the ambitious attempt to expand the tradition as well as the experience of the German regular meetings to this larger - European - scale and set up a similar event for all European biology student representatives.

Our hope is that this first SymBioSE meeting won't remain the only one ever but rather that students from other European countries might feel encouraged to try and continue what we started. So maybe in the future also SymBioSE will be held regularly and hosted by a different country each time.

If this could be achieved it would be a great advantage for everyone studying or considering to study Biology in Europe as well as for the representatives being able to coordinate and concentrate their influence and power in a boundary-spanning manner, and according to the responses on the project we received so far from other students there is a good chance of making SymBioSE a lasting institution.

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