SymBioSE history: Chapter 5


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Please find here some concluding remarks by Turkish crew and a short but awesome review by Bojana about SymBioSE 2011.

SymBioSE 2010

SymBioSE Turkey 2010: Long road to ruins :)
Photo by Soberats Pere

SymBioSE Turkey 2010

“It was the 14th Symposium and it was great! We saw many interesting presentations, had a lot of parties, ate loads of delicious Turkish meals, and visited Bursa. We were swimming in the sea, dancing and singing with our bus driver. Finally, we found out who was Atatürk and what does "Turkish hospitality" mean. Have I already said that it was great?

We started in Eskişehir, at Anadolu Üniversitesi with lectures, excursions and Treasure Hunt game. Here we obtained some basic communicational skills by trying to get as many wishes in Turkish from people on the street as possible and learned some important milestones of Turkish history. Having enjoyed Bilim Sanat ve Kültür Parkı, we moved to Kızılay Atatürk Gençlik Kampı towards learning Turkish forest, more excursions, beautiful night sky, and, of course, student and country presentations, workshops and… amazing food!

How fast time flies! Let’s meet again in Switzerland in 2011? ;) ”

P.S. Thanks to organizers for doing their job so good!

SymBioSE Switzerland 2011

We were welcomed in Basel by organizers and little helpers who tried their best to make 15th SymBioSE unforgettable – and they most certainly did! This was the first time SymBioSE was organized in Switzerland – paradise for hikers, chocolate and cheese lovers.

During the Symposium we enjoyed many keynote talks from invited professors and experts in the field of biology and student presentations where we learned about new trends in biology. During the breaks in between lectures we enjoyed many eye-pleasing student posters and we were given a chance to participate in student workshops where we could discuss biology, sometimes even beyond the boundaries of biology. We made the most of our free time by going to educational, relaxing and fun excursions.

The most crucial part of the experience is making long-lasting friendships with open-minded, energizing, ambitious and fun people that for once will not look at you like you just came from Mars because you are interested in Green mould disease or the inhibition of cell proliferation by a microRNA molecule. With Symbionts I felt like "home".

Bojana Kriznik, Croatia

From Turkey to Switzerland

SymBioSE 2010: From Turkey to Switzerland.
Photo by Soberats Pere