SymBioSE history: Chapter 4


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Information about Symposiums in Portugal and Russia. Again, don't forget to take a look at photos of you (or past symbionts)!

SymBioSE 2008

Coimbra: SymBioSE is back to Portugal, 2008

SymBioSE Portugal 2008

The main emphasis of the programme was the Past and Future of Biology. A number of presentations, workshops and round tables provided a better understanding of the evolution of biology in Europe and in Portugal and an opportunity to disseminate and discuss the recent achievements made in biology and their implementations and implications to the society of today.

The first five days of the symposium were held in Coimbra, which possess one of Europe’s oldest universities, a city overflowing with tradition and history; then, in the sixth day, there was a full day excursion to the Berlenga Island, a nature reserve to get in contact with island ecology. The rest of the symposium toke place in Aveiro a more recent city which holds a very modern university that rapidly became one of the most dynamic and innovative universities of Portugal. The historical differences between the two universities enhanced the reflection about the past and future and, at the same time, shed light on how the two different university traditions contribute to science.

SymBioSE Russia 2009

“According to the organizers of the symposium, it is a very important event for young scientific elite in terms of not just getting new knowledge, but choosing ways of further research, familiarizing with experience of foreign colleagues, European culture and traditions.

Participants of SymBioSЕ 2009 also get acquainted with culture of Russian and Tatar people. A vast and very interesting entertaining program has been specially developed for such a large-scale forum. Young biologists enjoyed the performance of the widely known in Tatarstan folklore ensemble “Karavon”, learned Russian round dance (khorovod), various national games, familiarized with Tatar national cuisine – chak-chak, talkysh-kaleve, etc.

According to KSU Rector, Myakzyum Salakhov, the agenda of symposium is quite extensive, ranging from the physiology of plants up to the comprehension of a surprising variety of flora and fauna.”

International Office, Kazan State University
SymBioSE 2009

SymBioSE 2009 in Russia.
Photo by Muradimova Renata