SymBioSE history: Chapter 2


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SymBioSE 2000

SymBioSE in Scotland, 2000

SymBioSE Scotland 2000

“No! It didn't rain when we arrived! Leaving our home country, everybody laughed at us, knowing we planned a trip to Scotland - our summer holiday! But arriving at Mortonhall camp site, some Scots comforted us, telling us that a day without rain wasn't a Scottish day.

On Sunday, we got to know Edinburgh on the "Grand Pan-Edinburgh Treasure Hunt". Fortunately, every group was accompanied by a local, so that the probability to get lost was quite low. Surprisingly, the team that was invited to have a meal for free in one of the pubs still didn't come last.

During the upcoming week, there was a vast choice of lectures, excursions and discussions. The big excursions, both towards the west of the country, were certainly two main highlights. It is said that some folks even went swimming at Loch Lomond (has anybody taken pictures to prove this?). Some others had great fun being eaten by midges at Glencoe (by the way...who fought whom in the Battle of Glencoe?).

A consequence of staying at Edinburgh was the meeting with Dolly, the sheep, and Professor Wilmut, her creator. It was very interesting to hear about his point of view in the gene discussion, and I dare say, that in the end everybody had a much more refined idea of what's really going on.

As in the preceding years, the so-called "fun part" of the programme was quite large. The "Big Bug Show" offered a variety of possibilities to get in touch with really nasty animals, live music in the marquee asked for dancing encouraged by the (traditional) Spanish Sangria, and the Ceilidh bid us farewell with dancing until midnight!”

SymBioSE Spain 2001

“Well, not quite, but still, it was hot even during the night, sometimes the beach seemed to be burning, at least when you set your foot on the sand. We should discuss the fog, I think there wasn't any, but I'm pretty sure, that some people had the impression the world was turning after several cups of Sangria or vino fresco or whatever you want to call it. We saw shooting stars, yes, we did! And there were definitely people with trembling hands some time during this great meeting!

Apart from these little but important details, it has definitely to be mentioned that we saw a great deal of the south-eastern part of Spain. Fascinating coastlines, nice Spanish cities with their cultural heritage from the Moores to today, and not to forget El Almendrico's pool and Granada's tapas bars! And I guess hardly anybody got back from the trip to Mar Menor without a sunburn.

The evenings were more than once packed with intense discussions about the future of SymBioSE, and during the Delegate's Assembly written versions of the framework and the objectives have been put together.

This year's discussions and lectures covered mainly ecological topics, like "Artificial Reefs" and "Microbial Ecology" and many of them were enriched by excursions to actually see what we had previously learned. Lectures were held by Spanish professors from as far as La Coruna, which guaranteed an insight in the different regions and cultural varieties of this fascinating country. Further topics were: analytic microbiology, marine biology, paleontology, nutrition and the Mediterranean diet, anthropology and more.

Simply said: IT WAS GREAT!”

SymBioSE 2002

SymBioSE 2002: in Germany. Again.