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OK, guys! :) Time flies, Symbionts create a lot of web pages, but there is no information about them on our website! Let's change this awkward situation :)

First of all, we would like to give you some basic links to such communities as SymBioSE group in Facebook. Another idea was to create one big photo archive and we uploaded photos to Google Picasa. Welcome!

That's not the half of it :) We developed a SymBioSE toolbar.

SymBioSE toolbar

It works now only with Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox, but we hope to make it work with other browsers. Download it and if you are an active participant of SymBioSE events, you will like it!

Don't forget to post your opinions and suggestions in our guestbook or send them to us via e-mail: !

Picasa logo

Do you want to see photos from previous SymBioSEs? We know a good way to present them. It looks great and in the same time it is easy-to-use. Welcome to SymBioSE albums @ Picasa!

Click here to view SymBioSE photos

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SymBioSE in social networks

Looking for Symbionts to ask a question? Tired of searching for up-to-date info? – Maybe you it is time to visit some of the places in the list below? :)

Official SymBioSE Facebook group
SymBioSE 2012 Hungary facebook page

SymBioSE @ Twitter
The news blog

Our bookmarks @ Delicious

SymBioSE toolbar

Download our toolbar to have a quick acess to all pages of our website in a click! Now it is available for Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox users only.

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