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SymBioSE goes to Switzerland

SymBioSE Greece 2015

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SymBioSE UK 2013

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SymBioSE Switzerland 2011

“The symposium starts at 27th July and I got the call at 26th July afternoon. I had a look at my email only at 9 PM due to the work schedule. My boss said its up to me to decide at 9.30 PM. What did I do? I booked the flight tickets & train tickets overnight and started my journey. I felt this was one of the best way to beat the boredom of the PhD life! My Boss was surprised.

The day started with a bang with a lecture by Dr. G Schatz titled "What it takes to succeed in science?" that was very relevant in today's environment. Everything was organised perfectly and they lived upto the "Swiss punctuality". As I am used to "Italian punctuality", I was amazed that all plans were executed perfectly and I personally did not find a blemish till the end. Hats off to all of those "blues" (the organising committee were dressed in blue shirts)...”

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SymBioSE History

The idea behind SymBioSE was conceived in Germany in 1996 when a group of biology students decided to set up an organization that would bring biology students throughout Europe closer together. They realized this goal by hosting the first annual Symposium for Biology Students of Europe in Berlin in 1997.

Symposia have occurred sixteen times since then, in Portugal in 1998 and 2008, the Netherlands in 1999, Scotland in 2000, Spain in 2001, Germany in 2002, Norway in 2003, Croatia in 2004, Finland in 2005, Italy in 2006, Latvia in 2007, Russia in 2009, Turkey in 2010, Switzerland in 2011, Hungary in 2012, and UK in 2013 all were very successful events. Now SymBioSE involves biology students from most European countries and is expanding every year.


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