SymBioSE framework

The uniqueness of every symposium is based on the individual ideas and perceptions of the organizing country. This always creates a very diverse and unique event with its own individual focuses.

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In the past it has been shown that there are some important and necessary points that should be taken into account when organizing a symposium:

  • The symposium should contain lectures, excursions and scientific discussions - the topics for these are based upon trends in research emphasizing local institutions and resources;
  • There should be a place in the timetable for discussion groups that deal with student matters;
  • During the symposium, meetings consisting of one or two representatives of each country should take place regularly. These meetings are essential to discuss organizational, SymBioSE-related topics;
  • It should also be possible to gain an insight into the student life of the host country.

Important things to organize:

  • Written invitations to all biology faculties in Europe that include (This has to be done by the end of March!):

  • an overview of SymBioSE in general;
  • a small poster sample for advertising purposes;
  • a letter to the faculty administration with a request for advertising and a forward to the students.

  • The prospective place and date have to be published on the homepage as early as possible - best before Christmas;
  • In the registration confirmation, participants should be encouraged to suggest discussion topics.

Individual ideas and perceptions of the organizing country always create a very diverse and unique event with its own individual focuses.

Representative function of SymBioSE

The participants of SymBioSE have a certain right to make statements as representatives of the European biology students, and not as representatives of particular countries. This is based on the idea that every biology student who wants to get involved possesses the right and the ability to do so. To guarantee this, letters of invitation to the annual symposium are sent to every biology faculty in Europe explaining the ideas and aims of SymBioSE, and announcing the dates of the symposium.

During the symposium, representatives of every participating country have to get together regularly to discuss topics related to the current SymBioSE. They can work out position proposals, which will thereafter be presented to the plenum of all participating students who have the right to comment upon and to discuss these proposals. The plenum will vote by the system of double majority: A majority of 2/3 both in the number of participating students and countries has to be obtained in order to pass it. This position will then be published as the official opinion of “the participants of SymBioSE”.

On the basis of this agreement, SymBioSE is a non-elected but representative body of biology students in Europe.