Creating a national SymBioSE web site

You can read some important recommendations below. Please feel free to e-mail us your questions or suggestions:

In general, the national site only has to consist of at least four pages that include the following:

1st page

Information about SymBioSE. You can copy it from here and it is the best to translate this into your own language so that people of your country get an idea about what SymBioSE is all about.

2nd page

This could be bilingual (your native language and English). List all the biology faculties of your country and provide a link to them. This may take a while, but it will be an important resource to get and maintain contact, e.g. to spread SymBioSE invitations etc.! If possible, link the student representatives of the different universities so that people have a contact person.

3rd page

This is the most important page for the network and it will be linked directly to the main page - it should be in English! Try to collect information about how to study in your country as a foreign student. Include information regarding the requirements and any language tests that need to be taken. Also it would be helpful to provide some information on visa, money etc. Very often you can find this information on a university web page for international students (international office). If possible, this page should contain information about the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), and whether or not it is possible to get ECTS-points for lectures and lab rotations.

4th page

Present your national students' association! It is possible to link the association's page, but it would of course be nice if you could give a short introduction in English :)